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What would you do if you had the opportunity of a lifetime?

When Livia (a.k.a L is for Olive, one of our favourite fashion bloggers and all around cool lady) expressed interest in looking into doing a calligraphy course, I was more then ready to join in and give it a go. Little did I know that I was going to have a delightful morning acquiring a new skill in an incredibly beautiful space with one of the most talented calligraphers in America

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The scene was beautiful, a light filled space with sunflowers and calligraphy placed on the walls. The catering was amazing, delightful cakes from the ever wonderful Julia Ostro. As Liv and I sat in our chairs, we were over whelmed by the gorgeous little starter kit that was sitting on our table. A little exercise book, tracing paper, a calligraphy cheat sheet. It was like being transported back to my art classes, except styled to a T by the amazing Megan Morton and The School

As Maybelle took us through the steps of her calligraphy process, it was so wonderful to watch her do her craft with such skill, precision and joy. The thing that I took away was; to really do what brings you the most joy in life and do it well. That’s what Maybelle did with her Calligraphy and now she gets to share her joy with other people! Even people across the globe.

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Couldn’t recommend this class more highly. Megan Morton’s The School did it all with such perfection and I would do it again in a minute! Have you ever had an interest in Calligraphy or lettering? Leave a comment below of a class you’ve taken or a new skill that you acquired just for the fun of it!

Looking forward to seeing what you’re going to share

With Love
Val and Vess

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