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When Kid President Calls


Something super exciting has been happening over at Big Picture Stuff, it involves socks, stop motion and whole lot of questions.



Okay so we didn’t get a personal call from Kid President, but we did get in contact with the lovely Blaise from the SoulPancake social media team.

For those who don’t know who SoulPancake is, they are a group of amazing content creators who ethos is simply, “Create something that will make the world awesome!”. Their content is about advocating love, friendship, creativity and making a change.We strongly suggest you take a little wander to their incredible youtube channel and experience the awesome videos that they make! From the Science of love, the Metaphysical Milkshake, and of the enthusiastic incredible and wonderful, Kid President.

And now, to add to the list of awesome things made by SoulPancake, they have a brand new book out, “SoulPancake: Chew on Life’s Big Questions” and they enlisted our help by asking us to take over their Instagram to ask some of our Life’s Big Questions! So we got some our favourite things together, our handy camera, and we did just that! Please check out our videos below!

Thank you Soul Pancake for this incredible opportunity! We love you guys and we love how you are filling the world with AWESOME!

Create something that will make the world awesome everybody!

Val and Vess

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